Apple TV Added To Amazon Fire TV Devices
Apple TV Added To Amazon Fire TV Devices

Apple TV Added To Amazon Fire TV Devices Smart-TV Application. The TV app is now available on Amazon Fire TV devices. While the innovation will appear on three gadgets, but in the future, their list will be expanded.

It is reported that the first thing Apple-TV appears on Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick (2nd Gen) and Fire TV Basic Edition. But later, the developers promise to extend the application support to other models of streaming devices. The appearance of this service on Amazon products just happens on the eve of the launch of a new channel, scheduled for November 1. True, initially it will appear in a limited number of countries with further promotion to all regions. In addition to this channel, Fire TV users will also have the opportunity to watch many movies and TV shows previously installed through iTunes.

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Amazon, Amazon Fire TV, Apple, Apple TV, Smart-TV, application

It is reported that Fire TV will not be the only device on which the Apple-device application will appear. Cupertino rejected the idea of ​​its exclusivity when they realized that a lot of money could not be earned on it unless it was widely distributed. The service is already available on Samsung smart TVs, and in the future, it will appear on devices manufactured by LG, Sony and so on.