Ilon Mask spoke about the project of connecting the brain to artificial intelligence

Billionaire Ilon Mask spoke about the work of the company Neuralink. Its specialists create the technology of connecting the human brain to Artificial Intelligence.

This company is engaged in solving the problem – how to connect a human brain to a PC. In the future, it will help paralyzed people to use a smartphone or computer to communicate with others. At yesterday’s conference, Ilon Musk and Neuralink employees shared the first results of their research in this direction.

The developers were able to create so-called flexible “threads” that transmit large amounts of data with Artificial Intelligence. Due to the fact that they are flexible, the risk of brain damage is reduced. These “threads” are from 4 to 6 microns thick, which is even thinner than a human hair.


As Neuralink specialists explained, because of the flexibility of the “thread”, it is not easy to implant, and a neurosurgeon robot was created for this purpose. The device is capable of implanting six threads (192 electrodes) per minute Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, it bypasses the blood vessels, which reduces the risk of inflammation in the brain.

Neuralink has also developed a special chip
Neuralink has also developed Artificial Intelligence a special chip that can more efficiently read, clean and amplify brain signals. At the moment, this 4 × 4 mm chip transfers data only through a wired connection using USB-C. But developers are working to create a system that can work without wires. This product will be called “sensor N1”. It is planned to integrate it into the human body for wireless data transmission. Experts want to implant four sensors into the brain – three in the motor areas and one in the field of somatosensors. Wirelessly, they will connect to an external device installed by the person behind the ear. In Neuralink added that it can be controlled through a special application for the iPhone “connecting the brain”.

N1 sensor
N1 sensor

While the Artificial Intelligence developers are conducting experiments on laboratory rats. In addition, Ilon Musk mentioned that the monkey was able to control the computer through this interface. Next year, the first experiments are planned with the participation of human patients. Ilon Musk said that the first tests will be conducted with neuroscientists at Stanford University by the end of 2020. Scientists hope in the future to use a laser beam for the passage of the skull, and not to drill it to install chips.

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There is still a lot of work ahead of the developers, and it’s too early to say that this technology will be available to humanity in the near future. The holding of the press conference itself, Ilon Mask, explained by the desire to draw attention to the project more courageous scientists and researchers who could join it.