Core i9 to feature in upcoming generation of Intel processors

Leaked: Intel Sky-lake-X to include Core i9 processors.
It appears that very soon there could be an addition to the Intel i Core processor family. According to a leaked slide published by AnandTech forum member Sweep. Currently the members of the family are Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Which are most likely to be joined by the first high-performance. Core i9 processor this summer and meant to compete with AMD’s Ry-zen line.

If the provided image is believed to be true. The first Core i9 chips will be part of the Sky lake-X family of high-end desktop. PCs with models ranging from Core i9-7920X Core i9-7900X Core i9-7820X and  i9-7800X. The i9-7920X would be the highest end processor that has 12 cores (24 threads) and 16.5MB of on-board L3 cache.

Yes will also support 44 PCIe lanes and have a TDP of 160W. On the other hand, the Core i9-7900X i9-7820X and i9-7800X. Will come with a lower core count of 10 cores 8 cores 6 cores respectively. While the 7900X has the same TDP of 160W the other two have a TDP of 140W. Additionally the next generation of Intel processor. Is also said to have Kaby Lake-X variants which is the lower end of the spectrum.

Core i9

Please check the table below for more details on the line-up upcoming generation of Intel processors.
Name Cores/.
Threads L3 Cache.
(MB) Base clock/.
Turbo clock (GHz) PCIe Lanes Supported Memory TDP Launch.
(Kaby Lake-X) 4/4 6 4.0 /.
4.2 (Turbo 2.0) 16 2 x DDR4-2666 112W.
June 2017.
(Kaby Lake-X) 4/8 8 4.3 /.
4.5 (Turbo 2.0) 16 2 x DDR4-2666 112W.
June 2017.
(Skylake-X) 6/12 8.25 3.5 /.
4.0 (Turbo 2.0) 28 4 x DDR4-2666 140W.
June 2017.
11 4.3 /.
4.5 (Turbo 2.0) 28 4 x DDR4-2666 140W.
June 2017.
(Skylake-X) 10/20 13.75 3.3 /.
4.3 (Turbo 2.0).
4.5 (Turbo 3.0) 44 4 x DDR4-2666 140W.
June 2017.
(Skylake-X) 12/24 16. TBA 4 4 x DDR4-2666 140W August 2017.

Currently, there is no information on the pricing or availability of the line-up. However, we should be able to provide you more information on the same very soon, as the company is expected to unveil the Core i9 line-up on May 30th at Computex. The products are expected to be available sometime in June.