DDoS-Attacks Telegram Became A Victim Cyber Attack From China
DDoS-Attacks Telegram Became A Victim Cyber Attack From China

DDoS Attacks Telegram Became A Victim Cyber Attack From China. Now in Hong Kong, there are mass protests against new amendments to the law on extradition, allowing the Hong Kong authorities to transfer the perpetrators to mainland China. For quick exchange of information, the protesters chose a cross-platform messenger with partially closed Telegram code.

However, this week, the app has become the target of a massive cyber attack, which, according to founder Pavel Durov, was launched by China. In his twitter account, he wrote that China launched a large distributed “denial of service” attack (DDoS) against his social network. Yesterday in Telegram there was a big wave of “junk” requests that attempted to overload its servers.

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Durov said that most of the IP addresses involved in the requests came from China and that previous DDoS attacks “coincided with protests in Hong Kong.”

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In the past, China has already been accused of persecuting demonstrators using cyber attacks, for example, non-profit Tibetan groups who claimed to have been subjected to DDoS attacks while attempting to circumvent Chinese censorship.

Demonstrations in Hong Kong became more violent because the protesters clashed with the police, and today 72 people have been injured. Protesters believe that the law on extradition can be used to suppress dissent by the Chinese government.