F1 racers will compete in the virtual Grand Prix series
F1 racers will compete in the virtual Grand Prix series

F1 Racers will compete in the virtual Grand Prix series On March 22, F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix virtual competitions began, in which F1 racers took part.

The first stage of the competition – the Bahrain Grand Prix – was held on March 22. He was supposed to be the second weekend of the current F1 season. This race was held in the F1 2019 car simulator and was designed for 28 laps. In addition, the participants qualified before the start of the race.

It is also worth saying that all the cars were with identical settings. Damage to cars was completely disabled. The live broadcast of this event took place on the official F1 channels on Youtube , Twitch, as well as Facebook.

Also, at least until May, a virtual Grand Prix will be held in each respective racing weekend. On other days off, the organizers will conduct other races with the participation of real racers, with which fans of this sport will be able to compete.

Competitors are not awarded points, since the main goal of virtual competitions is to maintain public interest in racing during quarantine.

Web competitions can be extended to June if the real season does not start in F1.

The best in the virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain was the pilot of Renault – Zhou Guangyu. The second place was taken by Stoffel Vandorn of Mercedes, and the third was finished by Philip Eng of Red Bull. It is worth saying that in the fifth finish, Lando Norris, the game turned off on the formation circle.

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