Hunza Valley Tourist Paradise
Hunza Valley Tourist Paradise

Hunza Valley, Tourist Paradise. There are some areas of the country, where tourists are strangers. Dreaming, charming and sensual scenario that dreams of dreams. This situation also happened to me, when I saw Hanna’s charming places and hunza valley weather very amazing. Along with this, his Lord thanked that he has given our country so beautifully. In this journey, I traveled from Pandey to Gurgaon instead of a long journey. It was very short but a beautiful journey, the snowpots hugged me. He was the September month and the snowfall in November starts from November. That’s why the journey was especially calm.
During his stay in Gilgit, his friends, Jammu, Muhammad Tariq, Attaullahullah, Northern Jamshed Khei, and Saeedat Ali Mujahid were also present.
A beautiful morning, when the sunshine was out of the sun, we departed to the valley of Hinja on our friend’s jeep. Hinja is just 100 km away from Gilgit. After traveling for two hours, we reached Hinja. It is situated on the north of Gilgit-Balt north and on the highway silk.

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This valley level, situated on the banks of the high silk, is situated about 200 meters above the sea, seven hundred kilometers from Islamabad. Hassan Abadal, his way from Islamabad. Abbottabad Mansa. Was coat Basham. Please. Chase. Hensha comes from Gilgit. One or more way from Mansehra with Challas from Balkanut Naran and Babusar Pass. From Rawalpindi, the modern comfortable public transit rate goes daily for Gulgat and Hunza. PIA flight from Islamabad also goes to Gilgit two days a week. Also, on your car, Gulgit and can be laughing from there. The snow coming from the snow and heavy rain is coming to the city of Karakram, the day breaks down and its maintenance work continues.
Were on the day of April. The sun was shining but it was not intense. When the car came out of Gilgit, when there was a tap, there was a spring of colors. White, pink and orange were planted by flowers. After reaching Hanoi, I went home in colors and wondered why I did not know why earlier in spring there are so many colors and such weather in Pakistan. The road from Hussainabad to Alabad was covered with flowers full of flowers.

hunza valley weather
hunza valley weather

The valley of Hanoi is spread over seven thousand nine hundred kilometers and is a district of Gilgit-Baltistan. Where language is Brushesky? It is counted in the world’s toughest languages. When Vagy and Shena language are also spoken. Generally, Hinja is considered a city name, whereas it is a valley name which has many small towns and towns.
Hinja’s most important city is Al-Abad, whereas tourism bananas and surrounding areas Banana is famous in Kalamabad. There are many hotels in Kurramabad. In addition, accommodation is also available at affordable monthly and weekly basis hunza valley weather.
“By 1889 the British remained in Gilgit, drinking wine and eating potato potatoes till 1889,” highlighted the historical background of Hinja. Just 60 miles away, Hushna, who was deprived of a snowy valley, was beautiful but brutal and ignorant people who used to rob the caravan going to Kashghar and Kandahar and attabad lake very beautiful lake.

Hunza-valley attabad lake, hunza darbar hotel, hunza valley hotels
Hunza-valley attabad lake, hunza darbar hotel, hunza valley hotels

“In the same year, a Russian officer named Grumpepkin entered Hanoi with his soldiers and intends to deploy a Russian army. The British whispered water and the potatoes were rocked. His contract with Mir of Hinja Safdar Ali was that he was in his
It will allow the posters to go to Kashgar and instead of British, they will pay a reasonable amount. But the arrival of the Russians shook them hunza valley weather. They were in search of some excuse, and it was very reasonable that after Hinja the Russian Gilgit can also come from Gilgit and Delhi although it is far away.

“In 1890 his army was occupied by the Colonel Dwarf’s fortress on the tap, which was considered as Henna’s serpent. In this battle, Hinja had a few guns and the British army was armed with rifles and machine guns, yet the British was so much more harmful than the two soldiers of the army who had headed this small castle had to face Victoria. .
“After taping, they came to the fortified fort and after having severe resistance, they occupied the fortified fort. Mir of Hunza Safdar Ali escaped China, including his family. The British fortress blamed the Belt fort but did not find anything other than Gun Powder’s bags. The British appointed Mir Safdar Ali’s brother to Hinja’s new Mir. After this fate of Hinja was associated with the Maharaja of Kashmir, but he always kept his mind due to the distance from the center. Hinja’s imprisonment was also ended when the occupation was released. “Within the end of the state government in Bhutto Bhutto, this system has ended in Hinja too. I am still today but just with a honorable post. And hunza valley girl very prety.

hunza valley girl
hunza valley girl

There are high peaks around Kalamabad whose views are famous in the world. The surrounding peaks around Hanoja are known as Rocka Paushi, Latean Pack, Golden Pack, Alter Pack, Lady Finger Pack. Kalamabad’s market is full of Hinja’s cultural heritage. Since foreign tourists are more attractive than Pakistani tourists in Hinja, this market feels very expensive. The old house in Kurramabad, the old house of the Belt fort, creates Kalamabad’s four-moon, around 700 years old, it belongs to seeing the fort.
Another old town adjacent to Karimabad, which is considered to be the oldest area of Hinja valley, is present

Lithat fort is ancient for nine years. The hometown of Hansha is one of the most famous Doctors or Eagle Nest in tourist places, where can be walked through a pedestrian or a jeep. This place is famous for the sun rays on snowy peaks at sunrise and sunset. From here, a beautiful track of the Ultrat Pack and Al-Arthur area also starts. The canopy can be found on the other side of the river on the other side of the river, where the glacier views overlook are tremendous. Beautiful village monopoly located in the heart of the rocket is the perfect place to spend all day …… Tourists forget themselves by reaching the beautiful valley of Namal and Napat.

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The result of natural disaster, ttabad lake Lake Atta Hunza Valley, which became on the river Hinja, has now attained a fun place. The boat queen becomes a memorable journey in the lake’s blue-blue waters between high-colored mountains. Only one day more than just passing through the lake, Galmat village, Bhat Lake, Passo village, can be found in the last town of Pakistan.
Traveling to the world’s highest mountainous chain with China’s border was very memorable and sensible throughout the journey. Between the road batches in the tunnel is a huge gate, just starting from China. I went ahead of this gateway like other tourists, walking on China’s soil.

River Hinja is a major river in the northern areas of Pakistan Hinja and Nagar. It is very sore because of the mixture of soil and rock particles hunza valley weather. There are various glaciers and decompositions and click distances. Then, it meets tapra Nala and the river Gilgit. Finally it is found in the river Sindh. The highway silk runs along the river.
Hinja returned to Gilgit, when our plane was lifted up in the atmosphere, the nature was weird, as it seemed like it was separating from its close relatives. In this time, natural beauty of Gilgit-Baltistan had made me my mastermind and I have been able to keep these areas for many years, and still when the opportunity comes, I do not let go to these areas.