Luigi's Mansion 3
Luigi's Mansion 3 will tickle your nerves on Halloween

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will tickle your nerves on Halloween Nintendo has announced the release of the new game Luigi’s Mansion 3. It will be available to users of the Nintendo Switch Game portable console on the most appropriate day of the year.

In the story, the main character Luigi and his new friend Guigi will have to cope with a whole horde of creepy ghosts who settled in an old mansion, which gets a character. The developers decided that the best date for the release of this horror film will be October 31, when residents of many countries celebrate All Saints Day portable console.

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The action of Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place in a hotel with the saying name “Last Resort” (the last resort), whose guests are ghosts. A gamer can switch between Luigi and Guigi or tie one character to another to control them simultaneously. In addition, the game added multiplayer mode ScareScraper. Within its framework, up to eight users can play together Game console.

At the June E3 exhibition, some gamers managed to play a little novelty. And they note that the game has become saturated with visual effects and has received a new mechanic, compared with the previous series from the franchise – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.