For the first time in a quarter of a century, Microsoft can add a key to the keyboard

Microsoft Can Add A Key To The Keyboard For The First Time In A Century. Microsoft Natural Office Keyboard testing thinking about modifying the keyboard by adding a new key to it. This has not happened since 1994.

Developers consider the need to add a dedicated Office key to the usual layout. With its help, the user can navigate to Office applications, as well as quickly access the document and file sharing service. This became known thanks to one of the testers participating in the relevant survey.


The company is interested in their opinion, in which part of the key board they would like to see a similar key. Perhaps the new button will replace the Windows key or the highlighted menu button. It is noteworthy that the keys have not been added to the layout since 1994 when the Microsoft Natural keyboard appeared Microsoft Natural. But it is not yet known whether the dedicated Office button will be added or it will never come to the realization of these plans.


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