Microsoft Your Phone will allow you to receive calls on your PC
Microsoft Your Phone will allow you to receive calls on your PC

Microsoft Your Phone mobile application Windows 10 receives an update that will expand the integration of smartphone and PC. But for now, testers will try this innovation.

Microsoft said that for users in the Insiders group, they released an update that expands the cross-platform interaction between smartphones and PCs . In the summer, it became possible to display messages and notifications arriving on a smartphone on a computer monitor. And with the next update, it will also be possible to manage calls through a PC.

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It is reported that the user will be able not only to answer incoming calls, but also make calls without touching the smartphone. To do this, use the dialing layout available in Microsoft Your Phone or a list of numbers from the phone. Also, a function will be added that allows you to reject an incoming call with sending a message or transferring it to the voicemail of the smartphone.

Microsoft Your Phone Windows 10 mobile application update application testing

Test this innovation can testers with a smartphone running Android 7 Nougat and newer versions of the OS mobile application. In addition, a computer running Windows 10 version 18362.356 is required. It is still unknown when all users will be able to evaluate the new features of the application that have opened.