Some Google Home Pledged To Replace Due To A Serious Bug
Some Google Home Pledged To Replace Due To A Serious Bug

Some Google home pledged to replace due to a serious bug update. Google promised to replace all smart speakers that stopped working after a system update. A limited number of Google Homes were affected.

Messages about problems in the work of some Google Home and Home Mini began to appear on the forums of the search giant back in January of this year. Users complained that the devices suddenly stopped responding. And in September, the number of complaints increased significantly, and the company was forced to admit the existence of the problem.

Google , Google Home , bug , update , Error , problem , smart column
Google, Google Home, bug, update, Error, problem, smart column

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Some Google Home Pledged Single lucky ones managed to fix the bug by banal rebooting gadgets or resetting their settings to factory settings. But most did not help.

Finally, the manufacturer announced that it will replace all Google Home and Home Mini for free, which encountered a problem after a software update. Moreover, even those smart speakers that have expired the warranty will be replaced. In addition, the developers promise to soon release an update that will fix the error, as well as protect other devices from this bug.