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Windows 10X New – How Does It Different From Windows 10

By Orbit Brain

Windows 10X New – How Does It Different From Windows 10

Windows 10X New – How Does It Different From Windows 10

Windows 10X New At its Microsoft Surface 10 Event 2019. Windows 10 Laptops, Tablets an American company, in addition to the new Surface series devices, talked about the new Windows 10X operating system. What is it interesting about?

We already talked about Surface products that Microsoft showed during its event. Most experts and ordinary users were particularly interested in interesting devices with two screens – Surface Neo and Surface Duo. If the latter is likely to work on Android OS, then the hybrid tablet and laptop received an unusual version of Windows 10X. The most interesting thing is that we know very little about the new operating system. Although, some information from the developers still leaked. Let’s try to figure out what kind of OS it is and whether it differs significantly from the existing Windows 10.


Windows 10X is still a version of Windows
Interface optimized for dual screen devices
No more living tiles
Dual screen settings
And then what?

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The corporation said earlier that the new OS will become part of Windows Core. Recall that the company is working on a modular version of Windows 10, whose main task is to maximize the focus on upgrading and building the OS. That is, it will be adapted for all kinds of form factors of devices released by Microsoft. That is, the new OS should work on laptops and tablets of the Surface, XBox , Surface Hub series, HoloLens 2 headset and other devices of the corporation, but primarily on new devices with two screens, which should appear next year.

Windows 10X is still a version of Windows

No matter how strange it sounds, it’s true. But there was a lot of talk that we will see a new, not similar to Windows, operating system. But at its event, Microsoft said that Windows 10X “supports a wide range of Windows applications,” which means that all traditional Windows desktop applications will work just like in Windows 10 Home or Professional. This is not a completely new operating system, as we all expected, but just Windows 10, adapted for dual-screen devices.

Not only that, it’s already known that the new OS will run traditional applications for the Windows Desktop in a “container” to increase battery life. This proves once again that it is almost entirely based on the Windows Core OS and is its trial product.

It is important to note that Windows 10X is able to work with all your regular programs, including those on the Win32 architecture. Users will be able to download and use Win32 programs from the Microsoft store or from third-party ones that we use in the old version of Windows 10.

However, we immediately note that Win32 support in the new OS will be slightly different from how these programs work in the regular 10th version. Microsoft adds that, since Windows 10X is a modern OS, it had to separate most of the obsolete components from the kernel of the operating system that were needed to run such applications and programs on Win32. Due to the fact that we are dealing with a modular Windows Core system, now you can launch such applications at any time. Necessary components will be pulled up independently. If the user does not use Win32 programs, then these system components will go into sleep mode. This will undoubtedly increase primarily the performance of the 10X version itself. In other words, the launch of modern programs and applications will be much faster than in Windows 10.

Interface optimized for dual screen devices

Microsoft Surface 10 Windows 10At the moment, Microsoft says that Windows 10X was designed and intended primarily for dual-screen devices, such as Surface Neo, and will not be used on familiar tablets, laptops or desktop computers. But that may change in the future. And I think that this will completely depend on how well the new OS will work with this form factor of personal computers.

Recall that the Surface Neo is a device with two screens and a hinge. Outwardly, it is very similar to a laptop, but part of the keyboard has been replaced by a screen. As you know, the gadget will appear no earlier than the end of 2020. Microsoft partners said they are also going to release their similar solutions.

No more living tiles

Windows 10X Laptops TabletsI am sure that now opponents of living tiles will especially rejoice. In Windows 10X, the removal of those is just part of optimizing the operating system for dual-screen devices. In addition, we see from the example of Surface Neo that a new Start menu has appeared with a simplified icon-based application and a website launch tool. This is not only a good step towards users, but also contributes to better optimization of the new OS for working on devices with two screens. There is another important fact that should also be mentioned. The developers immediately noted that Windows 10X would be more friendly with respect to touch screens. In other words, now touch control will be simpler and more convenient.

I am sure that Microsoft rethought a lot and came to the conclusion that it was the updated user interface and a new vision for working with the device that would be successful with users. This was probably affected by the negative experience with Windows 8, which was met with hostility by most users. But it was she who laid the foundation for the new OS. If it is still successful and will be able to prove its right to exist, then soon a real revolution awaits us in the market of folding devices.

Dual screen settings

I am sure that for most of you the question arose sharply about how Windows 10X will work with two screens? How will the process of setting up such a transition take place? We received some answers to these questions during the presentation itself.

Dual screen settings

Dual screen settings

It is already known that when you launch the application, it runs on one side of the device. This is a bit like the Snap feature in Windows 10. But applications will open on one screen (or on one side of the device), and not on both displays. You can drag the application window to the middle edge of the screen and release it to “cover” the application on both screens. Microsoft says that it “optimizes” the application interface so that it can intelligently take advantage of both screens.

icrosoft also demonstrated the ability of Windows 10X to recognize a keyboard located on one side of the screen. This opens up “Wunderbar,” a kind of over-charged version of Apple’s MacBook touchpad that offers buttons, a trackpad, and even most of the screen. Using this panel, you can play video.

And then what?

Of course, we remember that Surface Neo, and with it Windows 10X, we will see in work no earlier than the end of 2020. Someone will say: “Is there anything that can happen during this time?” We know how Microsoft can bury promising projects. Although, representatives of the corporation are confident that a new operating system is needed. They still have a whole year to improve, polish it to avoid previous mistakes.

But now it’s becoming clear that the company is on the path of change, rethinking. And it is the new OS that can be the important step that will lead to the market for devices with two screens. Perhaps we are on the verge of big changes that can change the world of computer devices . It remains to wait a short time.

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